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Monday - Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Closed for Lunch: 12:30pm-1:30pm

Friday 8:00am-1:00pm

Closed on Holidays


Phone:  810-735-7980

Fax: 810-735-4793

Emergency: 911


Police (Non-Emergency)

Fire (Non-Emergency)


132 E. Broad St.

Linden, MI 48451

PO Box 507


Downtown Development Authority

Latest News

Thompson Road Regional Dog Park

Dog Park Slide

Want to support the Thompson Road Regional Dog Park? Please share this post and then follow the link to learn more and consider donating today! Below is information about sponsorship opportunities. 

You can also text "BONES" to 714-41 to donate or follow the Dog Park on Facebook. 



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Flyer and Sponsorship Form final 3 Page 2

Flyer and Sponsorship Form final 3 Page 3

Scam Alerts 2017



Grandparent Scam

Phone scam where a caller claims to be a grandchild who needs money urgently to get out of jail or travel home.  The caller often gets the victim to provide a grandchild’s name, when the victim says something like, “Steven is that you?”, and the caller replies “yes it’s me Steven”. The caller will instruct the victim to withdraw cash from their bank and wire it to them or buy pre-loaded gift cards or iTunes cards and provide the code numbers from the cards to the caller.

IRS Scam

Caller claims to be from the IRS and they have found an error in your taxes! Caller says that if you don’t send payment immediately an arrest warrant will be issued, sometimes they claim the police are on the way. Caller will typically convince the victim to obtain a pre-loaded payment card, iTunes card, etc. then have the victim provide the code from the card over the phone.  In similar versions the caller will claim to be the police calling about an outstanding warrant or the Court Clerk claiming you failed to appear for jury duty and must pay immediately or be arrested.

Door to Door Contractor Scam

A “contractor” comes to your door and tells you that you need driveway or roof repair.  They will often mention your neighbor's name as a reference, and usually want to be paid in advance.  If they do any work at all, they will likely use poor quality materials and do substandard work.

Email Scams

The scammer will send an email or connect through a dating site, attempting to establish a romantic relationship leading to requests to have money sent.  Similar versions may involve the scammer posing as a soldier in need of money or foreign official who has a fortune to share if the victim will pay some processing fees or provide bank account info.

Microsoft Impersonator Scam

The caller claims to be from Microsoft or “Windows” and claim that they have learned that the victim’s computer has been infected with a virus that will cause the computer become unusable.  The ultimate goal of the fraud varies depending upon which con artists are running it.  For example, they may try to sell phony anti-virus protection or trick the victim into providing bank or credit card information.  Yet others convince the victim to allow remote access to their computer.


  • If receiving a suspicious phone call – HANG UP
  • If receiving a suspicious email – DELETE, DO NOT RESPOND
  • If a suspicious person is at your door, CALL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY

Utility Billing ACH Program Now Avaliable

Submit your form by March 24th for your ACH payments to take effect for the April billing

Authorization form for ACH Page 2

Authorization form for ACH Page 1

Linden Schedule of Events 2017

French Towns 25

City of Linden Newsletter 2017

Newsletter Dec 2016 Final Page 1

Newsletter Dec 2016 Final Page 2

Linden Business Spotlight


Linden Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight Form

The City of Linden is looking to feature one Linden business per week (Tuesday-Monday) on our website, as well as on the City’s Facebook page. Our website has had over 92,000 views and counting since it’s relaunch last July, and our Facebook page has over 3,900 regular followers, with a reach of up to 10,000 people. This is an excellent opportunity to gain some exposure for your business, new or established, and to provide a narrative of your business to the community.

What is a Business Spotlight?:

An article or editorial coverage of an individual business, offering highlights of what each business offers and the backstory of the company, owner, or employees.


Business must be located in the City of Linden.

-       First come, first serve basis, featuring one business per week (Tuesday-Monday)

What to Include:

Completed form with name, address, phone number, website, Facebook or other social media links, and hours of operation for us to include in the formatting of the spotlight.

Business Narrative and/or description

To be featured for one week on Facebook and the City Website

300-500 words

What about images?:

Images can make all the difference! Please include up to 5 photos of your storefront, products, employees, owner(s), logo, graphics, or collages for us to choose from for the spotlight. Often the best images for a Spotlight are spontaneous — the kind of image you’d upload to Facebook or Twitter, such as your “team in action,” a look behind-the-scenes of your offices, the team at lunch, a shot of the owner wearing your company logo or “on the job”, a picture of the company mascot or pet, even the view out your office window.

Please name your photo attachments in order of preference from “Photo 1” through up to “Photo 5” so in the event there is not space to include all of the photos, we would use the lower numbered photos first. 

What NOT to include:

No advertisements or sale notices

No political statements, endorsements, or advertisements

No swearing or inappropriate language

The City of Linden reserves the right to deem articles, portions of an article, or photos, inappropriate for the spotlight feature. Additionally, we may alter the content for clarity, length, or to fit our formatting.

How do I submit my business for a Spotlight?

It’s easy! Just complete the form (link above) and submit by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a Word document containing your business narrative, and attach your photos.

Some questions you may wish to answer or discuss in your article:

What products or services do you sell?

What is the one thing that your business is known for? Why are you known for this?

How did the business get started?

How long have you been in Linden?

Why did you choose to locate in Linden?

What is the best thing about owning a business in Linden?

What is the biggest “win” in your business’s history? Explain what it was, how it came about, and what it meant to your business?

Mention a favorite review of your company or quote from a news article about your business.

How has your business helped our community?

Feel free to include a tag-line for the article or as a headline on Facebook

Examples of Business Spotlights:






Check Out Past Linden Business Spotlights:

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