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Ordinance 391 Fireworks Regulations

With the Fourth of July approaching, we kindly remind our residents of the changes in State Law, as well as the City of Linden's Fireworks Ordinance No. 391. While the City of Linden does allow fireworks, please familiarize yourself of the permissible dates and times for firework usage. Michigan State Law prohibits the use of fireworks on any public property, Church property, or another person’s property without their expressed permission; and also prohibits persons from using any consumer fireworks if they are under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. While the use of fireworks is a fun way to celebrate the Independence Day holiday, necessary precautions and responsible adult supervision should be a priority to prevent fire risks, as well as injury.

The City Council adopted an ordinance to repeal Chapter 8.20 of Title 8 of the Code of Ordinances as written, and to replace it with a new

Chapter 8.20 regulating fireworks within the City. 

Ordinance 391 Fireworks Regulations

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