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Monday - Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm

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Phone:  810-735-7980

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Emergency: 911


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132 E. Broad St.

Linden, MI 48451

PO Box 507


Downtown Development Authority

Resources For All of Our Local Businesses

Reopening Resources For Our Businesses

The Fenton + Linden Safe, Strong, Supportive Campaign - “This campaign is designed to highlight and promote the businesses in our communities who are standing together to keep customers, staff and visitors safe.”

ALL Linden businesses are encouraged to take the Community Safe Pledge, regardless if you are a Chamber Member or not! By pledging, your business will receive a kit for reopening! Take the initiative to prevent the spread of COVID-19! Keep employees, residents & visitors healthy & safe.

Make a difference by pledging today. Simply click HERE!

What your pledge means - “This pledge is designed to show unity between our local businesses to instill confidence with customers, employees and patrons as you look to reopen your business.”

After pledging, you will see a link to download a printable poster to display in your storefront entry, to show that you are united with other Community Safe Pledge Members.

Visit www.fentonlinden.com to learn more about the Community Safe Pledge Program. View informational resources, share positive experiences & track other local businesses that have made the Pledge!

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(Image provided by The Fenton + Linden Safe, Strong, Supportive Campaign)